Meditation In Motion & Capoeira

Classes with Joao Bordallo

in Portland, Maine/US

● Music, African-Brazilian, Portuguese language immersion

Physical Activity

● Aerobic and anaerobic activity—flexibility, strength and balance

Martial Art

● Self Defense, focus and concentration, challenges and training


● Flow and agility, balance, communication, question and answer


● Berimbau (one stringed instrument), Pandeira (tambourine),

● Agogo (cowbell), and Reco-Reco (Bamboo Scraper)

● Traditional Folk Songs—of Afro-Brazilian culture

Joao Bordallo

Martial arts tradition          

Joao Carlos Bordallo
(Mestre Joao Cascao)

Instructor of  Movement Concept®  and is a Master of Brazilian martial art, Capoeira, with more than 35 years experience. Originally from Santos/ Brazil he now resides and teaches in Portland,  Maine.  His work is a unique combination of martial art, dance and meditation that  blends balance, agility, strength, music and mindfulness.  Joao’s  work is inspired by his training  in Sufism in Turkey and Germany, and his study of  Butoh in Japan. He has traveled as a teacher  and creative instructor to Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

Tel.  +1 207 4093273

Classes include stretching, warm-up, training in capoeira movements, traditional rules and philosophy, music, singing and playing in a group roda.

Class duration ranges between 1.5-2 hours.

Capoeria is played on a gym or dance floor and is accompanied by music, so a boombox/stereo is necessary.

In classes, a stepwise approach to training is provided. All students are initially given basic movements to practice. As these develop, students are taught more complex moves, leading up to advanced movements. Individual attention for students is provided. In a typical class, students work individually and in pairs. At the end of each class a roda where all the students play together occurs. In the roda, students apply the movements they were practicing, play and learn how to play and sing the music.

Our training includes physical training - to prepare our body, to make it flexible and strong; emotional training - to express our emotions and live them within our dance. Equally necessary is learning to coordinate breath, movement and voice together within the dance. Finally we need to train our heart, opening our heart spiritually so that we are able to manifest not only ourselves but something much bigger, to be a channel for Creation.

Three-year Ongoing

Curricular Training

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