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El Haddawi 
Dance Company

The crossing point between spirituality and art

Artistic director: Ingo Taleb Rashid

El Haddawi Dance Company was founded in 1990 by Ingo Taleb Rashid. It is made up of members of the ‘School for Movement Concept® usually in collaboration with dancers from other countries and styles on a project-by-project basis. It is based near Munich, Germany.


El Haddawi dance theatre productions are the result of an artistic exploration of spiritual themes and are to a large extent influenced by the ideas of medieval mystery plays. We are trying to find special moments of silence which contains the mystery to build up a new form of stage presence.

In addition to productions at theatres, El Haddawi offers seminars with „work-in-progress “-performances.

Putting emphasis on dance theatre work, El Haddawi aims at encouraging encounters with people of different cultural affiliations as well as the exchange of different spiritual paths and artistic styles.

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Our productions


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We have classes and seminars in Germany, Russia, Switzerland, USA and Brazil...

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