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El Haddawi

Inner and Outer movement

El Haddawi school was founded by Ingo Taleb Rashid and it has Movement Concept® as a practical educational training system combining bodywork, performing arts, martial arts, creativity and spirituality. Movement Concept® derives its fundamental principles from dance and theatre methods from East and West, martial arts and the ancient tradition of Sufism, the spiritual principles of which are transferred into modern bodywork. The system is meant for all people regarding of ages, experience or previous knowledge.


With Movement Concept® we are approaching the crossing point between spirituality and art. The idea behind Movement Concept® is to tap a person’s full potential, to use exhaustively the diversity of the body’s capacity for movement and expression, to make these accessible and use them for stage work or for life situations.

The applied methods are plenty and include physical training, theater training, ritual dances, dynamic meditations as well as pondering yourself.

To know more see our documentary film "El Haddawi: A Life in Movement" (2019) by Norbert Prettenthaler & Peter Brandstätter.


Ingo Taleb Rashid

Ingo Taleb Rashid is stage director and choreographer, founder and manager of El Haddawi. Of Iraqi descent, born into a Sufi tradition, grown up in Germany.

He earned an M.A. from the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich with studies in theatre, politics, journalism and Semitic languages. His work has been influenced by studies of the following fields: modern dance, traditional forms of movement and meditation from the Middle East, theatre studies, classical Japanese martial arts, Butoh dance, Noh theatre, Feldenkrais method, Capoeira, classical ballet, Stanislawski drama method, and stuntman training. He has lived in Japan and Brazil to study martial arts and local culture.  Since 1993 he has cooperated repeatedly with Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno. He gives regular performances, seminars, and lectures in Europe, Asia, and North - and South America. Since 1996 he has been member of “Scientific and Medical Network”. He is a member of The International Dance Council (CID).

He heads a team of instructors which include members of the El Haddawi team and guest teachers from Germany, Russia, USA, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland and other countries.

Our team


We believe that eastern and western, spiritual and material, heartfelt and mental, black and white - are the two ends of a Oneness, which is greater than each part of it.

Bringing Art back to its sacral meaning invites us to the great life-long journey to discover the mystery of life.

The crossing point between spirituality and art

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Integral Dynamic Martial Art system


Integrative bodywork
for body-mind-spirit


Three-year Ongoing Curricular Training in Movement Concept®

Sufi Meditation

To study and to get inspired

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Train regular and get your experience

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