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Arapoty Inelvet

Dance Theater experiment

Reworking of Igor Stravinsky's

by Ingo Taleb Rashid

Sacre (Arapoty Inelvet)

Arapoty Inelvet - A Dance Theater experiment in collaboration with the "CriaCriou" (Santos/Brazil)
and the "Ener" (Magadan/Siberia)

Planned performance period:
first quarter of 2022.

Possible venues: Munich/GE, Rosenheim/GE, Santos/BR and
St. Petersburg/RU.

Artistic director: Ingo Taleb Rashid.

With a new production of "Sacre du Printemps," the El Haddawi Dance Company wants to go beyond previous interpretations and set new accents in the work with cultural, socio-political and anthropological priorities.

The question, to what extent humanity is willing to make sacrifices, endure sufferings or even kill for a higher goal, for closeness to its ideals, can be considered on many levels, from personal to ideological-political levels.


In the production of the El Haddawi Dance Company it is therefore treated in a very abstract way. The main focus is set on making the audience think rather than providing ready-made answers.