Arapoty Inelvet

Dance Theater experiment

Reworking of Igor Stravinsky's

by Ingo Taleb Rashid

Arapoty Inelvet - A Dance Theater experiment in collaboration with the "CriaCriou" (Santos/Brazil)
and the "Ener" (Magadan/Siberia)

Planned performance period:
first quarter of 2022.

Possible venues: Munich/GE, Rosenheim/GE, Santos/BR and
St. Petersburg/RU.

Artistic director: Ingo Taleb Rashid.

With a new production of "Sacre du Printemps," the El Haddawi Dance Company wants to go beyond previous interpretations and set new accents in the work with cultural, socio-political and anthropological priorities.

The question, to what extent humanity is willing to make sacrifices, endure sufferings or even kill for a higher goal, for closeness to its ideals, can be considered on many levels, from personal to ideological-political levels.


In the production of the El Haddawi Dance Company it is therefore treated in a very abstract way. The main focus is set on making the audience think rather than providing ready-made answers.


El Haddawi:

A Life in movement

A film by Norbert Prettenthaler
& Peter Brandstätter

This movie became a documentary about El Haddawi and it shows more than 30 years materials from different continents, countries and cultures throw the biographic material of Ingo Taleb Rashid. Stories that spin around the world, from Japan to Russia, from the Caucasus to Israel, from Europe to South America ...a kind of journey around the world. 

With gratitude for all this great experience we would like to share it with the audience. The director of this movie, Norbert Prettenthaler said “the Film shows excerpts from the life and artistic work of Ingo Taleb Rashid, the Film shows stations, shows him himself in interview excerpts, how he looks at his life and his work - from a perspective of the Mature Person, The Seeker - The arrived in himself. 

The Film is a journey into this empty zone of liberation, to free oneself in order to open new spaces and to recognize, explore, dance and appreciate the heritage of the wisdom. Movements that do not harm the body, but heal it. 

And hopefully you can dance through the Film, let yourself dance ... to be danced or moved and touched, that is the goal. To let oneself be carried - to be safe, to be trustful, tob be  sincere… Mystical recitations that connect us to the primal essense of our being…”

Through the movie you will see the qualities of five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Emptiness as a five qualities of El Haddawi work.  

You also could watch the movie here!
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