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Educational program

Three-year Ongoing

Curricular Training

The aims of the curriculum:

improved body condition, grounding,

concentration, centering, creativity,

ability to express oneself on and off stage,

ability to learn and to teach,

personal development,

broadening mind and views,

integrating body-mind-spirit.​

Movement Concept® is intended as a practical educational training system combining bodywork, performing arts, and spirituality. It is meant for all people – regardless of age, experience, or previous knowledge. It is also suitable as advanced training for performers in the areas of dance, directing, and choreography.

Our training includes physical training - to prepare our body, to make it flexible and strong; emotional training - to express our emotions and live them within our dance. Equally necessary is learning to coordinate breath, movement and voice together within the dance. Finally we need to train our heart, opening our heart spiritually so that we are able to manifest not only ourselves but something much bigger, to be a channel for Creation. 

Education director: Ingo Taleb Rashid.

Some topics:

  • Magic of the Body

  • Dance, Improvisation, and  Choreography

  • The Triangle of Intention

  • The Dancing Warrior

  • A Practical Introduction to the History of Dance

  • Spirituality in Dance

  • Stage-fright and Presence

  • The Art of Flying and Falling

  • Beyond the Masks – the Versatile Actor

How long?

The  Movement Concept® curriculum spans  three years (approx. 30 days of training each year). Entry is possible at the beginning of each calendar year.


The training mainly take place in the Munich area and in the Chiemgau region.

What in the end?

The training concludes with a written assignment and a demonstration lesson. After participants receive a diploma that certifies the qualification to teach Movement Concept® under our supervision.

How much
it costs?

Monthly fees are explained upon request.

If you are interested to join our Educational program

Before entering into training, a personal conversation with the educational director Ingo Taleb Rashid is required.

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