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Movement meditation

Integrative bodywork for body-mind-spirit

We believe that life is a dance and the universe is our stage. The in our case actor/dancer in our work resembles a dervish in Sufi tradition: he/she needs to know him/herself, to be able to hold concentration, presence, to become „empty“, to create silence... We believe that spiritual practice is not something separated from our body, furthermore, body mind and spirit forms something One, which could be interesting to discover.

From many ancient cultures, archaic dancing sequences have been handed down, which have direct impact on our consciousness and our abilities of perception. To practice them is a form of meditation in motion, which opens the door to a conscious experience of the unity of body, mind and soul and to become a complete human being. The roots of these sacred dances are thousands of years old. Many of the ancient sacred dances where developed in Central Asia and still used in Sufi tradition. Practicing this dances, we are diving into our inner space and the same time they are related to the space around and to other people.

Other techniques are designed to develop our personal center and our internal stability, to develop freedom of thought and to find the source of creativity.

This is a great life long journey towards ourselves, searching for the Truth and the Reality…

23th May - 6th June 2023
Sufi Journey to Turkey

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