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Meditation In Motion & Capoeira

Classes with Joao Bordallo

in Portland, Maine/US

martial arts tradition   dance play    music rhythms         

● Music, African-Brazilian, Portuguese language immersion Physical Activity

● Aerobic and anaerobic activity—flexibility, strength and balance Martial Art

● Self Defense, focus and concentration, challenges and training Dance

● Flow and agility, balance, communication, question and answer Music

● Berimbau (one stringed instrument), Pandeira (tambourine),

● Agogo (cowbell), and Reco-Reco (Bamboo Scraper)

● Traditional Folk Songs—of Afro-Brazilian culture

About classes

About classes

Capoeira class

Classes include stretching, warm-up, training in capoeira movements, traditional rules and philosophy, music, singing and playing in a group roda.

Class duration ranges between 1.5-2 hours.

Capoeria is played on a gym or dance floor and is accompanied by music, so a boombox/stereo is necessary.


In classes, a stepwise approach to training is provided. All students are initially given basic movements to practice. As these develop, students are taught more complex moves, leading up to advanced movements. Individual attention for students is provided. In a typical class, students work individually and in pairs. At the end of each class a roda where all the students play together occurs. In the roda, students apply the movements they were practicing, play and learn how to play and sing the music.

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Meditation class

From many ancient cultures archaic dancing sequences have been handed down. They have a  direct impact on our consciousness and our perception. To  practice them is a form of meditation in motion. This opens the door to a conscious experience of the unity of body, mind, and  soul.

These magic steps tap into archetypal roles and create a  space for conscious ritual in our  lives. 

These movement sequences are quite easy to learn and open the door to a space beyond our every day worries and the constant struggle with our past and our future. This is an invitation to be present with your own being, physical body, and essence.

Through the practice of moving meditation you have an opportunity to explore your rhythm, voice, and movement while being accompanied by live music.

Joao Bordallo (Mestre Joao Cascao)


Instructor of  Movement Concept®  and is a Master of Brazilian martial art, Capoeira, with more than 35 years experience. Originally from Santos/ Brazil he now resides and teaches in Portland,  Maine.  His work is a unique combination of martial art, dance and meditation that  blends balance, agility, strength, music and mindfulness.  Joao’s  work is inspired by his training  in Sufism in Turkey and Germany, and his study of  Butoh in Japan. He has traveled as a teacher  and creative instructor to Asia, Africa, Europe and America.​

​​Available for weekend workshops and intensives.


Value of Capoeira

Special value of Capoeira

Capoeira is a martialart/dance/ fight that originated in Brazil over 400 years ago. Brought to  Brazilian plantations by African slaves, it emerged out of traditional movements and musical  rhythms.


Symbolic of  liberation and freedom, Capoeira has become an integral part of Brazilian culture. It is played by people of  all ages and is gaining in popularity around the world.


Capoeira is played by small groups in rodas (circles). In  the center of the roda two people play together. One starts by asking a question in the form  of a movement and their partner answers with a response  movement. A constant flow is created between the players in  harmony with the music being  played and sung.


The movements and pace of  each game are guided by the  rhythms of a one-stringed instrument called the berimbau. It is accompanied by a pandeiro (tambourine), agogo (cow bell),  reco reco (bamboo scraper), and traditional  Folk Songs of Afro-Brazilian culture.

The Special Value of Capoeira for the Performing Arts.


1.  Increasing the physical ability of the student.  Capoeira makes the body much more flexible, stronger in terms of power and endurance,  trains the natural reflexes and leads the body into a general good condition.

 The coordination of the body will improve, along with a strengthening of consciousness of one's own body. The student will get to know himself and his body much above the average level of the self-consciousness.

2.  Capoeira provides inspiration for any kind of choreography. Through it one can improve one's vocabulary of movement and gain more possibilities of self-expression as an outlet   - Capoeira widens the perception of the space around a person moving and/or acting in a given situation. The student learns many ways to use the space around himself in all different directions.

3.  An immediate improvement in rhythmic and musical skills is apparent. The proper use of the voice is part of the training. Capoeira increases the coordination between voice, movement and rhythm.

A  subtle super sensitivity for the correlation between time and movement will develop. One acquires a good “sense of timing”.

 4.  Capoeira helps to uncover a person's hidden potential.

 5.  Through the transition between structured movements and the spontaneous,  free “jogo de capoeira”, creativity and the ability of controlled improvisation will grow.

 6.  Capoeira greatly strengthens stage presence and provides a good feeling for mise-en-scene.

 7.  The student of capoeira will benefit from the development of a focused mind and thus achieve a certain kind of internal power.

Capoeira benefits for youth.


The richness of content that the practice of Capoeira develops includes personal and social growth. It has been affirmed that Capoeira can greatly contribute

to the positive transformation of youth.


The importance of Capoeira for youth is not only in the historical and cultural content, but it also helps to develop physical qualities like: force, speed, muscular strength, balance and motor coordination. It can also help to develop the potential of each individual in their ability to learn in school and have a positive influence on their life in general.

Working on social skills and in a group environment, Capoeira encourages discipline, helps to teach and instill the value of loyalty, responsibility and selfconfidence.

In this way it helps in the positive formation of those who participate and become involved in the practice of Capoeira.

The amusement of Capoeira awakens the artistic, musical and creative aspects of the youth whom might participate in this art form. Capoeira is one of the

best ways for children to develop mind, body and strength. In addition to the benefits listed, it helps to build their personalities through self-expression in a fun and playful way, and the musical aspect makes them more comfortable and more willing to exercise. Capoeira challenges them in a positive way.

With the confidence that these affirmations are true and that the richness of the practice of Capoeira helps to positively develop youth, we propose this program to create a possibility that a large number of people will have the knowledge and access to this art form.




C l a s s e s   e v e r y b o d y    w e l c o m e!


Capoeira Class

5:30 - 6:45 pm


Meditation Class

5:30 - 6:45 pm



5  classes session    60.00 dollars

1 class drop in         15.00  dollars



Tel.  +1 207 4093273
Facebook: Joao Bordallo



146  Ocean Street 04106

South Portland -  Maine

We have been working hard to create a safe space for those who choose to attend the studio. We ask you to arrive 15 minutes before class.   You will see floor markings to allow for social distancing as you move from our entrance …


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