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Seminar with Ingo Taleb Rashid

Break down the Walls -
Freedom, Ambiguity and Spirituality

13 Fab 2021   5:00 PM CET


This date would be the beginning of our 21st International Winter School. Unfortunately, we need to postpone it, due to the current global Pandemic Situation. So, we are glad to present at least a Zoom Class at that date.


What does freedom mean? How does it relate to ambiguity and spirituality? We want to explore our theme, by questioning concepts inside of us. The world saw many physical walls: The Berlin Wall, the newly built wall at the border between USA and Mexico, the wall between Israel and the West Jordan Land, the great Chinese Wall and many more. Some of them were destroyed along the time.


Also, there are many internal walls. Religious concepts, cultural concepts, political concepts and so on. The bigger walls however are fear and hate.


Arts like painting, dance and music can show a way how to unite people beyond inner and external walls. To feel oneself physically is a first step. From there its possible to start a new quest towards the unknown.



Everyone is welcome to join the class.

Those who can and want are kindly asked to make a voluntary donation. Recommended donation is about 10 EUR.



 Zoom-Meeting link

Meeting-ID: 885 7362 6368

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