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The treasures of Anatolia

23rd May - 6th June 2023
Sufi journey with Ingo Taleb Rashid and Azize Guvench

For more than a thousand years Central Anatolia has been a center for Sufi activities. The traditions of the Mevlevi and Bektashi were born there. Within the frame of a Sufi journey, we will visit sacred places, Sufi communities and the tombs of Dschalal Ad Din Rumi and Hadschi Bektash Veli.
Cappadocia is rich in both history and culture: cave churches, towns. Seeing the fairytale landscape of Cappadocia will make you thinking differently.  

This journey will be a modern caravan of experience and learning. To allow for a traditional learning experience, few things are planned to allow many things to unfold. We will rather be led by our inner thirst and our inner preparation and openness for encounters with people and circumstances there, and so also our inner reality.

Trip schedule

23-24 May

Arrival to Antalya

25 May

Moving to Konya

26,27 May

Program in Konya

28 May

Moving to Cappadocia

29,30 May

Program in Cappadocia

31 May

Moving to Konya

1 June

Moving to Side

2-5 June


6 June

Departure from Antalya

Seminar fee


23/05 – 06/06

1st part: 23/05 – 01/06

2nd part: 1/06 – 06/06

Early booking price 

900 EUR

500 EUR

500 EUR

Price after 15th April

950 EUR

550 EUR

550 EUR

Other expenses: international flight, hotel (25-75 EUR per night), bus, meals, museum entrance fees etc.               


The journey’s success depends upon the self-responsibility of the participants. Unexpected expenses are to be expected. All costs that are not paid in advance will be paid on balance on location. As each participant is responsible for him/herself, he/she should expect to contribute to joint expenses, such as transportation, accommodation, etc.

More details will be announced as the date of travel is approaching. In case of interest or further inquiries, please contact El Haddawi:

You can make your prepayment here!

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